Monday, May 21, 2012

Lessons Learned

Today is our anniversary. Since we are in different states right now I relented from Ty's sleep training schedule and made him sleep in the bed with me. I didn't want to wake up alone and I figured the next best thing to Jake was his mini me T. I can't believe it's been 2 years since we were married. Being sealed was the best decision I have ever made and I am grateful everyday I listened to the spirit and made the right choice.

Even though I feel like we have a really great marriage it is still full of ups and downs like all marriages. These are just of couple of things that I look back on year 2 of marriage with fondness.

Living in Ca for the summer

Football games every week while prego ... Never again. It might have been fun if we actually could win against a creditable team and I could stand up to cheer without worrying about whether or not I should have worn depends to the game just in case.

Graduating from college completely debt free thanks to our parents and grandparents.

3 separate hospital trips in a month. Only one of those was planned and enjoyable (one they gave me the juice in the back of my spine)

First Christmas with a baby. Yes I did actually buy Ty presents and make him open them as Jake took pictures/recorded.

Welcoming a new baby into our family. One of the most special and life changing events ever.

Fights about whether or not to eat at in n out...pregnancy cravings are intense. Some can be lived without others will make you break down till you have them.(like shove your face with 2 boxes of donuts bought at Chevron)

Stretchy pants (amazing). I still think of ways I could get away with wearing them.

Jake getting stuck in an elevator while I'm in labor getting ready to start pushing. I laughed as it was happening (thank you drugs) and now when I look back on it. I still am wondering why he got the gift basket, I was also affected and about to pushing a baby out of me.

Finally catching a glimpse of how my parents and Heavenly Father felt about me.

Being angry that Jake didn't have boobs. Seriously though. I was the one who had to get fat, uncomfortable, push that baby out of a rather small hole and then be the sole feeder. Something seems a little off about this.

Last but not least job searching. It's a mixture between excitement, frustration, patience, and faith. It's exciting to know that we can go anywhere (really were not looking at a single job in Utah). Overall I'm grateful that I have Jake to help make decisions and that ultimately we are not the ones in charge. I'll leave that up to God and listen to where he tells us to go.

I'm excited to see what year 3 brings us!!! Love you Jake! Thanks for an amazing year, so grateful we really are partners and equals in our marriage!

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