Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have decided that the thing I want most in this life right now is for Hogwarts to be real. If it were then I could use some magic spell to have everything pack its lovely self up, transport itself to Kansas City, and magically use one of those spells like in the 4th movie where the tent is like 5 times the real size to make any apartment the size I want it.

After making a ridiculously large number of trips to home depot ( I think they recognize me now), calling a billion different moving companies, packing all our crap up (how do 2 people have that much stuff), and tirelessly searching for apartments/townhomes online I look like this

 Like maybe if I put my hands over my eyes all the crap will go away.  Luckily though it is all ending. Our pod is coming tomorrow! We are leaving for Denver Saturday, and then Sunday completing our drive to Kansas City. Although we will be doing a mad dash once we get there for apartments (we have like a list of 23), I plan to do a lot of this...
Sleep like a baby in a band new wonderful city!

Until I can do this, I will continue to rip my hair out and compensate by searching for all the new things we need for our new place!! Its like registering for our wedding all over again, except now we have to buy the stuff lol. Oh well, the shopping is going to be a great use of my time and gives me an excuse to get to know my new city!

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