Thursday, March 22, 2012

Highs and Lows

I noticed that as soon as I got pregnant with Ty my usual blonde moments and clumsy nature increased dramatically which led to some pretty funny and interesting stories, like the time I stuffed my face with an entire bag of powered doughnuts in the Chevron parking lot before returning to teach 5th grade because I seriously couldn't stop myself.    I decided that I would just bottle them all up from the week and place them here for you all to enjoy and laugh at. 

Low Points of the Week 
- Not being able to last 3 minutes without having to take a break doing Jillian Michaels kettle bell workout
- Only fitting into 2 pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans
- Screaming at your husband to wake up and help you because your son has proceeded to poop everywhere including your hands, wipes container is all out of wipes, and its 6 am
- Almost getting hit twice in the parking lot of Michaels. Im not that hard to miss, I know I am pushing a baby stroller like 99.9 % of the women in this city but I am also wearing green jeans (not that hard to miss) 

High Points of the Week
- Being able to button 2 pre-pregnancy jeans without my extender, never-mind how they look I can at least button them!
- Purchasing 3 lovely tickets to the Hunger Games 
- Planning to spend most of my Friday with my sister, Jake and Little T, life rarely gets better than those peeps 
- Getting plane tickets to fly home with T!!!!!
- Re-purposing old t-shirts into new ones. I guess those sewing lessons I always thought were lame are paying off

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will be enjoying the sunshine as long as it lasts and desperately trying to make myself look tanner before going home to the warm CA sunshine. 

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