Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Changes

For about a week now Ty has been eating every 2 hours including during the night. I swear I dont know how I did it in the beginning with that little of sleep. I considered it a wonderful day if I showered and brushed my teeth twice (ok a little exaggeration I did brush my teeth twice a day dont worry) but seriously I did not wear any makeup other than cover up because no matter what my hair or clothes look like, my face should not look like I'm 12 so I cover up my zits to pretend they don't exist. But to go along with Ty eating as much as he did he decided for two days that once it hit midnight he would only sleep in his car-seat.  The upside I have looked at tons of homes and townhouses from American fork through Lehi as well as getting drinks late at night from those beautiful golden arches.  The downside: I literally looked like hell both days and my butt doesnt need any more late night food or drinks considering it is trying to squeeze back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and a swimsuit.

It is a little bittersweet having Ty grow so fast. We finally packed up all his 0-3 months clothes and started putting him in 3-6 months clothes. I feel bad for the poor child who only fit into his clothes for about a month. I have been pushing it as long as possible to keep him in the 0-3 month clothes because they are finally fitting his tiny butt. However I decided that I would rather have his clothes baggy and the right leg length than fit and be high waters, because no-one looks good with their ankles showing when they're not supposed to.

These are packed to the top with 0-3 clothes

Reusing at its best
In other good news Ty rolled over from his stomach to his back tonight. He was so anxious to get off his stomach that I think tummy time has run its course for a little bit. Thankfully it wasnt from his back to his stomach because then I am going to have to go to extra time to plan and make sure he cant roll off anything. Knowing my luck I should apologize to him in advance...he will more than likely fall off of something. Until that happens I am going to forget about it and give myself the stamp of approval for being a good mom.

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