Monday, February 13, 2012

Ty's Blessing

Sunday was a special day for this little family as we blessed Ty.  We were fortunate enough to do the blessing at Jake's parents house.  It was nice being able to decide what time worked best for all our family as opposed to having to do it the first weekend of the month at 9 am.  It is also nice to have a small and intimate atmosphere as opposed to sacrament with everyone.  When Jake and I were doing a quick count of everyone we were inviting we realized that we were inviting 59 family members to his blessing.  At first I was shocked with the number and then the more I though about it I was overwhelmed with how what a blessing it was to have that many family members a part of this special day. 

It was an amazing sight to see so many family members standing in the circle giving T a blessing.  One of my favorite things about being a member is the emphasis placed on families and the vital role they play in our lives.  From the second T was born my heart broke for all those children who are not born to situations like he was, he is so surrounded by people who love him.  It makes me sad to think that not every child is welcomed into a home where there are not only two parents who love and adore them, but grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  I am so grateful that Ty will always be surrounded by a countless number of people who love and care about him.

It was a little bittersweet getting Ty dressed for his blessing because it hit me how fast he is growing up.  Before I know it he will be all grown up and having a family of his own.  But luckily for now I get to stay home and just cuddle with him all day.  I am so grateful for all my family members and friends who made the effort to come to his blessing and to celebrate in this special day.  It is a day that I will never forget and one that I will always cherish.  As a mom nothing breaks your heart more than someone being rude to your child and flip is also true where nothing in the world makes you happier than people loving and recognizing what a special child you have.  I look forward to all the special memories that are just waiting to happen and I love Ty more than I ever thought I could.  Jake and I always talk about how that first night we all spent together in the hospital, looking at T I finally understood how my parents felt about me.  Words cannot describe the feelings that come over me when I hold him or when he looks up at me and smiles.      

I'll stop being a crazy, sappy mom and finish this post with some of my favorite pictures from that day.

From left to right: this is a picture of the D ring that Jake wore when he was blessed, Ty with G&G Dallin, Ty with both my Grandparents, Ty with his buddy Eric, Ty with Nana and Papa Foutz

Ty in his outfit on his blessing blanket my gma made, our little family, Ty with both his grandparents, Jake putting the Dallin ring on Ty, Jake holding him right after blessing him,  Ty with his 3 single Aunts.

One of my all time favorite pictures from that day

Another favorite picture, Jake is wearing the same tie he wore when I went to the temple to receive my endowments as well as the day we got married. 

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