Friday, February 17, 2012


Yesterday was one of the best birthdays I ever had! Not only did Ty slept 5 hours in between feedings which means that I was able to get a lot of sleep, but he fell asleep fast after each feeding and didn't get the hiccups!  Around 8:30 Ty woke up for good in the morning and Jake surprised me with breakfast from my favorite place Kneaders.  It was a very nice and completely unexpected surprise.  I realized that one of the really great things about putting a baby on a schedule is that it allows for nice unexpected surprises like yesterday.  Needless to say it was a wonderful morning!  

Then I was able to hang out with Ty all day while Jake was in school. Since I have dropped off Jake for school Ty and I just walked around different stores looking at things and wishing I had an unlimited amount of money to do a bunch of crafts. However that thought process only lasted about 5 minutes before I realized that even if I had all the money in the world to craft I wouldn't because I'm not crafty.  I have come to terms with the fact that I sometimes wish I could do things that I actually never want to do.  Apart from that random tangent I loved shopping with T.  Last week while Jake and my dad were shooting zombie terrorists (no joke) and bows and arrows my mom took me and my sisters shopping for my birthday.  Well I thought that, that was the extent of my birthday presents from my parents...a day where Jake is utterly entertained shooting guns and bows and arrows as well as some new clothes for me.  I received an email around 3 letting me know that wasn't the case.  I am so excited to go pick it up next week from best buy.   

After we picked Jake up from school Jake's parents took us to my favorite restaurant the Cheesecake Factory.  I seriously LOVE that place and have decided that restaurants and the only food that I like in those restaurants is the reason that I can only button 2 pairs of pants (thanks goodness I bought a belly band in the beginning of my pregnancy).  Then we came home and Jake and I watched The Help while Ty cuddled with us.  

It is crazy to me to think that last year was the last birthday I had before becoming a mom.  I kept thinking all day about when Ty was born and how just 23 years ago my parents were experiencing those same feelings with me.  Being a mom has opened my eyes to what I feel like is a whole new world.  I have a new profound appreciation for my parents and all that they do for me and my family.  I have found a new joy in celebrating holidays and dressing up Ty for different events where I know we'll take pictures.  It was a wonderful birthday and I loved spending time with Jake and Ty.  Now that I am 23 (feels so weird) I am working on 23 days of activities and pictures.       

 On a side note for Christmas my mom gave Ty this rattle that looks like a dumbbell.  On the cover of the toy it says "Never be embarrassed by baby fat again!" The whole cover and toy are extremely funny and Ty loves it!  He hangs on tight and moves it around all the time, he get this funny look on his fact because he can't figure out where the sound is coming from.  He is my ultimate entertainment, I love watching him grow and become more alert.  

Ty is working off some baby fat

Jake and Ty were not as in to The Help as I was
On the way to Cheesecake Factory

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