Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hell On Earth

The DMV is literally hell on earth. Most of their employees are rude and nasty and the spawn of Satan. Jake got of work early so we decided to "quickly" go on down and change our drivers licenses. Big mistake! They changed their system and so I apparently didn't have enough valid proof showing my new last name so jake could get his but I have to come back and get mine. Never mind it's takes an average person 2-3 hours with this new system. Blah I hate the DMV. On a side note it took me 3 I'm not kidding 3 separate trips to the Utah one (2 ppl told me 2 different things!) I figure it an accomplishment if I can get this done in 2 tries. Oh well I gives I'll just spend my free time playing with Bubba and searching pinterest. Hope your day is quite a bit better than mine!

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