Friday, April 13, 2012

Highs and Lows

So I meant to post this yesterday but the flu bug has hit this little family and we have done literally nothing but lay in bed and try not to throw up every 5 minutes.  This is also the first time I realized how hard it is to be a mom and be sick. Major props to my mom and all the other moms you try and work in throwing up among their already jam packed schedule.

- Do you see how white I am in the picture above? That is also after a week of self tanner. Apparently Jergens is a liar and it doesn't take only ONE week to get tanner

- Poop coming out of every end of Ty's diaper just as we are on our way into Target.

- While trying to change explosion realizing that I only have 1 wipe.

- Taking 3 separate sized of shorts into the dressing room, thank you pregnancy I am now trying to redefine my size.

- Trying on about 10 different dresses for graduation and having ALL of them be too short. It is times like these that I find being tall and modest a challenge. Plus this is not really something I can fake seeing as how I am graduating from BYU and having my garments hang out would not be socially acceptable.


- Gabby telling my mom that talking about her bladder is inappropriate because its in that region. Which in turn sparked a debate about how your bladder is not in that region and it is not considered private. I cant remember that last time I laughed so hard.

- Gabby sent this text to Mackenzie from my mom's phone "Hey did you get your sex shoes yet?" Gabby of course forgot the y in sexy. I wish I would have been then as Kenz opened that special text from our mom, not knowing Gabby sent it.

- Getting sick as home and having Gabby be T's little nanny. I so desperately wish she was here now to take care of him.

- T falling asleep every night in my dad's arms. I had so much free time to watch my guilty pleasures like Toddlers and Tiaras, plus its so sweet to see my big dad holding little T.

- Both me and Jake being sick at the same time. All we do is lay in bed together with T in between and watch movies as we try not to throw up. I love my little family!!    

Hope this little bug misses you!! And I hope that you have a more enjoyable night than we will be having!!

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