Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Phrases

I literally LOVE teaching.  I come home everyday in the best mood! It could be the fact that I am almost done with school but I am chalking it up to my amazing school and class. I know with-out a shadow of doubt this is exactly where I am supposed to be. So here are some recent happenings...

Yesterday a student laid her head on my lap while sitting at the rug and proceeded to say "I just love it when people pet me like a dog.  Will you please pet me like a dog?" to which I had to politely respond by saying "No, I cannot pet you like a dog. Now lets go finish your work."hahaha I could only imagine her going home and telling her parents that her teacher proceeded to pet her at school....

Then as I was cleaning up my room of all my papers from my 5th grade class I ran across these three funny poems. 

Poem 1
Teacher fit in school because that is their best hobbie,
They always hand out in the nice cool lobbie,
We think they are cool in the nice air that also their hobbie.
Teachers are wonderful and sweet, helpful and nice.
(Well at least three out of the four lines rhyme...the last two dont really make sense but nice try lol)

Poem 2
It is getting cold
Halloween is getting close
It will be scary
(hmm I dont have a lot of words for this one)

Poem 3 (my personal fav)
Dear Mrs. Dallin, thank you so much for all you have done
I wish you could stay because you were so much fun
We've had a good run and you are the best
Now you must go and prepare your nest
I like how you teach, I like your style
You wear cool Toms and make me smile
We had good times, the fun we did not lack,
Remember when the sub was snoring in the back?
There are no ifs, ands, buts or maybe
Because you're the mom you'll have one lucky baby
So I guess we will see you later
P.S. I hope your kid will be as cool as Kelly Slater
(Seriously I am completely shocked he got this many words to rhyme and that it all makes sense!)

It is at times like these that I see all the blessings and joys that came from following a prompting and the clear path the Lord had set for me.  There is nothing more fulfilling in my life right now (that'll change in 7 weeks) then teaching and being surrounded by sweet children.  It is also a bonus that they make me laugh on a constant basis!

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