Monday, March 18, 2013

with today being the viewing and funeral for one of my oldest and best friends mom, i felt it only fitting that i say/share some things about Gail.

when Janelle was compiling stories and memories of Gail i had the hardest time narrowing all mine down.  i dont have any major memories but i have a ton of little memories gathered over 12 years.

little memories like building balloon arches for the new years eve stake dance, singing to music the night she bought her new toyota sequoa and drove Janelle and me all over town, calling her "Sister Evans" for years and each time she'd laugh and say call me Gail, going wedding dress shopping for Janelle, eating at Red Robin with her, Eric and Janelle, and countless other little flashbacks.

Gail was always welcoming to any and everyone.  She instantly made you feel accepted and told hilarious stories from her youth, making you feel like you had known her forever.  she was never shy about her testimony of the gospel and of the Savior.  she frequently talked about it and lived it.  she was super artistic.  i always knew Janelle got her artsy-flare from her mom.  but mostly she was kind.  she truly had a pure heart.   

back in 7th grade when Janelle's dad died i struggled for words of comfort, words of healing, and just pain words.  i always thought that was attributed to the fact that i was young.  what does someone who is 12 know of death, and comfort.  however this weekend i found myself facing the issue once again now at 24.  i quickly realized being at a loss of words has nothing to do with age.  death at any age is just plain hard.     

the only thing phrase or belief that brings any amount of comfort is that families are forever.  i'm grateful for that knowledge.  i'm grateful that i know Janelle knows families are forever.  i'm grateful that i know i will see Gail again.  i can bet Gail will be one of the first people giving out hugs to those she loves when she sees them again.  i am grateful she's no longer in pain.  as we get closer to Easter i am truly grateful for the atonement of Christ.  what a wonderful promise that we can not only live again, but live again as families.  i'm grateful to Gail and the lessons i learned from not only being friends with her wonderful daughter but from her example through the years. i truly know i will see her sweet smile again.

as i looked for ways to give my friend comfort i came across these painting by Brian Kershisnik.  i love the sentiment they bring as one realizes the other side is so close to us.  so as Janelle struggles with the loss of her mom i know she has angels surrounding her, ready to help uplift her when it gets too tough. 

i also know her sweet mother will also be helping prepare her future children for their life on this earth.


so goodbye for now Gail, 
until we meet again

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  1. I never wrote and told you how much this meant to me. Rereading over this again 6 months later I am once again brought to tears. Thank you or your kind words of comfort. Thank you for your sweet friendship through the years. I know my mom treasured you so, As do I.