Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dark Side

Today Ty's giving a whole new meaning to
the phrase dark side. If I last through today without crying or having a full blown heart attack it will be the biggest miracle.

Ty started this morning by throwing up on me and all over my side of the bed. Looks like I won't be using my pillows for a little while. He then proceeded to fall in the bath to clean off the vomit. After a mini crying sess by him, he got out and I made breakfast for us. That lasted about 3 seconds before he threw a massive, laying on the floor tantrum (because I wouldn't let him shove 5 torn pieces of toast in his mouth at once). I got a small break while he took a nap. But he then followed it by falling out of his highchair. That is correct, he figured out how tots and up and wiggle his way out of the high chair. So thanks to a fantastic tumble over the tray the highchair is now in storage and I am on the look out for a booster like thingy for our chairs. As if things possibly couldn't have gotten more crazy or stressful he proceeded to figure out how to climb into our bathtub and was doing headstands. I swear if we make it to 2 without breaking anything it'll be a miracle for his little body.

Anyone who has used the saying "boys will be boys" just has no idea what little boy I'm dealing with today. Guess I should just prepare to live less from all the mini heart attacks I feel like I'm having! Oh mom problems!

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