Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pregnancy Lows

Although I'm on my lunch break I thought I should share my new pregnancy low. For some reason my morning sickness has decided to come back so I decided to grab a diet coke from the gas station because that usually helps. Well after getting my 44 oz liquid gold I saw powered doughnuts. I ended up literally buying 2 bags because I could not put them down. If you have ever been prego before you understand the literal dying need for a food craving. So I proceeded to pay go my soda and doughnuts. Well I thought about driving away but the doughnuts were calling to me so I stayed in the parking lot and ate both bags. While I count this as a low my high consists of being able to wall away from 2 bottles of red Gatorade because I figured a 44 oz was more then enough to get me trough the next 3 hours. Hope this low puts a smile on your face as you picture a crazy pregnant lady stuffing her face with white powered doughnuts.
I took pictures to show that I am in fact telling the truth but I'll add them when I'm home.

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