Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Since today is my Mom's birthday I thought I would throw a little shout out to her.  So first and foremost happy birthday to my Mom! I love my mom, I just think she's the best! I didn't always appreciate her when I was younger, but the older I've gotten the more I respect and admire her for not only the mother she was but the type of person as well.  My mom is the kindest, funniest, hard working person I know. I would be lost in this world if it wasn't for her. She taught me that it was ok to make fun of myself and to laugh at myself when things don't go my way or I embarrass myself.  She taught me the value of being charitable to others, and how to look at the best in people. She has done so much for me in my life and I hope to be half the mom she is! Love you Mom!

Now to show you how funny my mom is I'll share one of my favorite stories. It was a week before I was leaving for my freshman year at BYU and my mom took all my sisters and myself out to eat for lunch. Somehow we got on the subject of someone I went to school with and I said "Eww I dislike that girl she's a total biotch." To which my sister Brenna replies "Rachel, please dont use that language in front of me I know what you mean and it isn't very nice." My mom then replies my telling my sister brenna to turn around (which she does) then my mom says "Ok rachel now you can use that language because its not in front of Brenna its behind her." Everyone but Brenna laughed for a good 5 minutes before my mom suggested we dont say that word. Everytime my family goes back to that restaurant I cant help but laugh.

Happy Birthday Mom!! 

 Yes we did go out at midnight to pick up the last Twilight book 

Just our daily chocolate bar

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